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The top article this week:

Good Stress, Bad Stress [Infograph] - Krista Scott-Dixon, Brian St. Pierre

Stress isn't all bad. Some stress helps us push forward when we're on a deadline, when we're trying to overcome something, or simply trying to improve our lives. Change causes stress, but stress can also come in a negative form - likely the way we're used to thinking about stress - anxious, impulsive, depressed, unmotivated, and much more. Read this infograph from Precision Nutrition to learn about stress and how to use their action plan to make stress help you instead of harm you.



Strength Training

My Go To Squat Progression For Pretty Much Everyone - Tony Gentilcore

Tony breaks down the squat into some pretty basic cues which make it easy to understand and implement. Whether it's someone brand new to the gym or someone who is struggling to get their squat form down -- this is a good place to start.

Build Quads Without Knee Pain - Ben Bruno, T-Nation

5 Exercise Types to Avoid in Pregnancy - Jessie Mundell, Girls Gone Strong

Smarter Alternative to Ineffective Unstable Surface Training - Meghan Callaway




How to Bust Through A Fat Loss Plateau - Laura Schoenfeld, Girls Gone Strong

Laura discuss the common problems with dieting for women and how to overcome them. Sometimes it's having some cold, hard data to work with and sometimes it's taking a look at the bigger picture.

Do I Eat Less Or Exercise More For Fat Loss? - Geoffrey Chiu

IIFYM: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly - Paul Carter, T-Nation



Other Topics From Around The Net

How I Learned To Love My Body As A Female Athlete -  Victoria Garrick



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