Best Fitness Articles This Week: 2/19/2017


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The top article this week:

Rise of the (Weight) Machines: Why Exercise Equipment Is Not as Bad as You've Been Told - K. Aleisha Fetters

Exercise equipment gets a bad rep -- usually it's not for legitimate reasons. While movement quality is a huge part of learning how to exercise, machine work can provide an added benefit to every lifter's training regime.



Strength Training

The One Exercise That Will Fix Your Achey Shoulders Forever - John Rusin

Cranky shoulders don't bode well with upper body exercise. Here John discusses a couple of things you can do to keep yourself moving and feeling awesome so your time in the gym is more effective for long term training.

5 Steps to Building a Pain-Free Deadlift - Matthew Ibrahim,

Glute Training Tips for Hypertrophy - Mike Israetel

Shoulder Pain From Bench Presses? Employ These 5 Strategies - Charles Staley

3 Simple Squat Depth Fixes - Dean Somerset





A Series of Articles to Make Low Carb Dieters Misplace Their Excrement - James Fell

James discusses the reasons why so many are convinced low carbs diets are the magic pill for fat loss, why it's still okay to eat low carb if that's what you want, and why just because something works for you doesn't make it the magic pill for everyone. Be aware that James does use some colourful language in this article, but his information is appreciable.

Important Supplements for a Healthy Pregnancy - Cassandra Forsythe, Girls Gone Strong



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