Best Fitness Articles This Week: 2/26/2017

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The top article this week:

Let's Be Honest - The Body You're Going For Doesn't Exist - Lee Boyce

Is our perception of "the ideal body" realistic? What we see in movies, magazines, and otherwise show us a reality that isn't reality. Angles, lighting, and CGI give us the perception about the people we see with the "ideal body type" aren't like us. Lee Boyce talks about what Hollywood portrays to us and how to set realistic body image goals based around real life -- not television portrayals.


Strength Training

F*** Exercise, Try This Instead - Krista Scott-Dixon, Stumptuous

Muscle Hypertrophy Explained - JC Deen

Do You Need to Train Abs? Why or Why Not? - Andrea Valdez. 3D Muscle Journey

My Journey from Figure to Powerlifting - Kellie Hart, Girls Gone Strong

7 Low-Back Friendly Glute Exercises - Dr. Laura Miranda, Girls Gone Strong

3 Strength Training Secrets That Guarantee Progress - Eric Weinbrenner, Bach Performance

Isometrics for Improving Range of Motion - Dean Somerset

Box Jumps: You're Not Jumping as High as You Think You Are. And, You're Doing Them Wrong - Tony Gentilcore



Fitness Myths with Dr. Mike - Mike Israetel, Juggernaut Training Systems

5 Biological Adaptations to Fat Loss You Need to Know - Steve Hall


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