The Best Fitness Articles This Week: 2/5/2017 top fitness articles 2.5.2017

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The top article this week:

5 Ways Social Media is Ruining Fitness - Tim Hendren, t-nation

Check any social media platform pertaining primarily to image appreciation and you'll get half naked selfies, cheat meals, and insane amounts of weight being lifter. No one shows off the start or middle of the journey to their end goal. We live in a social media era of "This is my absolute that I've maintain for a total of 2 days and I'm doing way better than you...right up until I crash because I can't maintain it. Don't worry though, I'll be back as soon as I hit another high to show you how awesome I am." Don't be one of those people. Please. Just do the work, train smart, train responsibly, and most of all, just do the work.




Chest Training Tips for Hypertrophy - Mike Israetel

Here's a basic breakdown of what Dr. Mike has found to be the optimal training volume and methods for gaining muscle in your chest training routine.

4 Exercises for Thicker, Stronger, and Injury-Resilient Hamstrings - James Harris

Should Women Exercise Differently Than Men? - Shane McLean



General Health & Fitness

What sport specific really means - Erica Suter,

Is sport specific training attaching a band to a golf club and swinging it at max velocity or is it something more simple?

A Brief Thought on Consistency and Getting the Results You Want - John Romaniello

How Delayed Gratification Shapes Your Health - Shane Trotter, Breaking Muscle




Why the “pause-button mentality” is ruining your health and fitness. ‘Getting a fresh start’ isn’t the magic bullet you thought it’d be. - John Berardi

This one wasn't from this week, but it's definitely worth sharing. The start-stop-start mentality won't get you far, but perhaps there is a better way to approach your eating habits to gain long term results.



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