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It's no secret that >75% of the people coming into a gym, whether they've been there on and off for years or are trying it for the first time, want to have a body that looks better than their current one.


Here's the issue:

Most people walk in with a minimally thought out goal. "I want to lose weight" is a great starting point, but very few give much thought to what that entails. What does that statement really even mean? Anyone can make such a claim without much regard. I want to make seven figures. I want eight weeks paid vacation. I want pizza to have no calories. It’s important to look at what’s behind the desire:


Why should I or would I want to lose weight?
How would this improve or change my life at all?
What could or may happen if I didn't do it? What type of sacrifice is involved and will it be worth it?
Will I be happier with myself as a person if I was leaner? Will I be sadder? Or hungrier?
Is this something that I truly want or would it just be nice if someone lost the weight for me?


A deep look at the behind-the-scenes of “why” is often the critical difference between those who follow through on their goals and those who become disheartened after a month or so of hard work, never seeing substantial results and finally end up quitting in despair.

Meaningful goals get better results.

What is it about digging deeper than changes your outcome?


Mindset > Adherence > More Consistent Effort

The more in depth your goals become, the more you are able to tap into your true desire to achieve them. You know that hard work = results, but having common superficial goals have never really resonated with you on a deeper level. Not enough to truly drive home the underlying motivators which are in fact, your true reasons for “wanting to lose weight”.


"I want to lose weight" becomes:


"I want to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and feel happy about what I've worked for".
"I wanted to feel like I've invested time and energy into making myself better physically, mentally, and emotionally".
"I want to have something for me. I spend a lot of time helping others be better, now it's my turn to be better. I can give more to others when I'm in a good place".
“I want to feel energetic when I go to work, play with my kids, and if someone asks me to spend time with them, I don't hesitate because I'm exhausted”.
“I want to feel like I didn’t use all of my energy up before I get there. I want to want to spend time with people and I know I can only do that once I’ve taken care of myself”.


These goals require more thought. They require a holistic approach to health and wellness. Your goal becomes less about being less, and more about being more.

“I need to be proactively setting aside time for myself, more conscious of my feelings towards food, more focused on doing better for me”.

When your goal is about how you want to feel versus how you want to appear, the goal becomes meaningful. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better, in fact, almost all of us do. For us to want to continually move towards a better self, our focus would improve with relating exercise to how we feel about ourselves.

The more consistent you become in taking care of yourself, the better you feel about the process. The better you feel about it, the more consistent you become.


When you look back and see a trend of start-stop-start-stop in your fitness, it becomes apparent that you need to dig deeper and re-focus your efforts on a goal that you can really invest in. Focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you want to feel about yourself as you progress.

You’ll notice I didn’t say when you finish because there really is no finish line; there’s only improvement on where you are today, and tomorrow, and the next day. 

Focus on self-care before weight loss. Your body will change as you learn how to take care of yourself in and out of the gym. james harris

James Harris is the founder of Titanium Strength Systems, Head Writer and Head Coach. He trains online and in person in Chilliwack, BC.

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